Welcome and thank you for your interest in Mo'doh Island. In this section of the website, we have many resources to help answer your questions and to familiarize you with Mo'doh Island and its benefits to you and your teens. Feel free to click through the tabs, peruse the content and watch the videos. We even suggest that you sit with your teen to explore Mo'doh Island.

What is Mo'doh Island?

Mo'doh Island is the name of a 3-D, immersive financial education game. Teens register, download a game player software package and select an avatar name. Once the software has been installed, they have access to the Mo'doh Island through a sponsor's website.

Mo'doh Island is located on servers located in the United States.

Once in Mo'doh Island, your teen can walk around and explore the environment and interact with some of the objects within the environment, but once they visit corridor in front of the credit union building, they will have an opportunity to click on the "Game HUD" to begin playing the Virtual Finance Game. This game is a simulation that is designed to walk your teen through a lifetime of financial decision making, from buying a car to selecting a career, planning for an education, rental and purchase of real estate, life balance, saving, budgeting and investing for the future.

Your teen will learn through a combination of information gathering that is organized as fun quests, interacting with the environment through multi-media and even by making mistakes.

How Much Does It Cost?

Mo'doh Island is generally offered free to patrons of the sponsoring financial organization and their families.

What is an "Avatar" and What Can I Do With It?

An avatar is a representation of a player. Teens enjoy expressing themselves by selecting body styles, facial characteristics and clothing to create something distinct. An avatar is like a game piece that is used to manipulate objects in the game environment. The teen learns through the information presented to their avatar.

Is it Safe?

As with any technology connected to the Internet, you should supervise your teen's activity online. Generally the platform is offered in a classroom session with one or more instructors.

Why Should I Let My Teen Play Mo'doh Island?

Isn't it important that your teen develop financial confidence? Traditional learning, through reading and testing or classroom lecture is one method of learning, but what about the retention of facts? Wouldn't you agree that there is no substitute for experience? Mo'doh Island takes financial concepts and reinforces lessons through experiential play. A game? Well, maybe -- let your teen think that. We prefer to call it an interactive learning environment.